21st May 2018

Intruder Alarm Systems

We install, maintain, service and repair alarm systems throughout the north east of England.

We are an SSAIB approved company and install both wired and wireless systems.


We will provide you with our professional opinion on what protection your home or business requires and what options you have available.

We can install wire free systems, meaning less mess in your home and they can be operated simply via keyfob or proximity tag. We also install the latest external sounders which will only ring for a maximum of 15 minutes before cutting off giving you peace of mind that your neighbours won’t be disturbed for too long.

Speech dialler and gsm units

In this modern era you and your neighbours are often out of your homes at the same time so in the event of an alarm there is nobody to check your property. Dialler units and gsm units can be installed to inform you of any alarm activation which will enable you to carry out the necessary checks yourself. You may be able to contact a family member or friend of if you have one of our CCTV systems installed you could view the events yourself.